Equipment and Technology

GPS Guidance Systems

One of the most interesting and innovative pieces of technology used at Rogers Brothers Farm is GPS guided equipment. GPS has allowed us to have larger, faster, and more accurate equipment with more efficient planting, product application, and harvesting.

Variable Rate

Because there is little to no uniformity in our soil types on the land we farm, input needs can vary greatly in one field. Variable rate application technology has eliminated over and under applying seed, fertilizer, and other inputs. In an irrigated field, inputs can be changed inside and outside irrigated portions of the field. This in turn increases crop yield, improves quality, and saves money and resources.

Yield Mapping

Yield mapping is a way to determine yield and profit at any point in the field. Using GPS technology, the harvesting machine collects yield data every second. This information shows what farming practices, seed varieties, and sections of a field yield more or less. This enables us to alter our inputs and allocation of resources to obtain the highest profit per acre.


In a perfect world there would be no need for irrigation, but in reality it will never rain enough every year. Irrigation eliminates the risk of drought. Rogers Brothers Farm has over 3000 irrigated acres with 18 center pivots and 130 acres of subsurface irrigation.