Our History

In 1970 Gill Rogers started farming the land of his grandfather, R. P. Gillespie, a man respected and admired by his peers for his innovation in agriculture. After over forty years of determination diligence, and hard work, Gill and his two sons now operate one of the largest modern row crop farms in South Carolina “Rogers Brothers Farm”. Always mindful of the environment, Rogers Brothers Farm has grown by taking advantage of opportunity, recognizing and utilizing available resources, and embracing new technology.

Rogers Brothers Farm now produces five different crops, cotton, corn, peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. We also dry and ship peanuts for other farmers. In 1994 we built one of the first successful irrigation systems in our area. Since then we have expanded our irrigation to cover more than 3000 acres of our cropland. New GPS technology has helped us decrease costs in fertilizer, seed, time, labor, and other inputs, while helping to increase crop yields. With our management team and dedicated labor force we are able to grow more crops with less machinery and fewer people than ever before.

Looking to the future we see many challenges and opportunities. World population increase, loss of farm land to other uses, new plant diseases and pests, limited water supplies and energy shortages are serious problems. Using all resources available to us, we plan to go forward striving to produce crops as efficiently and abundantly as possible in order to supply food to as many people as possible.